Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've Fallen Behind and I Can't Catch Up....

So here I am, after saying at I wouldn’t fall behind on things, and I have fallen behind! Work life has gotten in the way this month, well not so much in the way as it has totally taken over! But I am reclaiming my life! I had a friend tell me that 2/1/10 is the “New” New Year’s Day, so here’s to getting back on track!

Yesterday, I taught two spin classes, one at 6:00am and one at 7:30. Can I tell you that I almost passed out during the night session! How embarrassing if the instructor drops dead during the class! In between the two classes, I took on a 30 minute recovery with 4 x 50 Golf. I can feel my freestyle stroke getting stronger which is a good thing. I will test it out tomorrow with the 3 x 400TT I have to get in during my next swim. Let’s see how I do.

Today I have 1:20 bike, which includes some not so fun intervals, 35 minutes in, followed by a 10 min T Run. Which I totally wouldn’t mind, except it is freezing out! And I seem to be getting mixed reviews in terms of which groundhog saw what! So now I have no idea if spring is coming or not!

And now, for something a little more fun, this weekend I am hosting my annual Super Bowl Party, which is basically an eat-a-thon. There are very few days throughout the year that I think it is ok to do this. I don’t do it for Christmas or Thanksgiving because I am not a fan of that kind of food. But what I am a fan of is, bar food! Buffalo wings, assorted dips, pigs in a blanket, chips and of course the veggie crudités (you need to throw some greens and fiber in there!). So really this weekend is about the food! I vow to get my work outs in, but I also vow to use Sunday as my cheat meal! (Yes, I may have just referenced a whole day as a meal, but come on, it’s only one day a year!)

As part of my new 2010 resolutions, I will see you here tomorrow! Same place, same time!

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