Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long Day....and a Long Night Ahead

So today started off bright and early with some business meetings and then an event. Today was supposed to start off with an nice early morning swim. But alas, I set the alarm for 6:05am instead of 5:05am, which I thought I was doing in my Olympic viewing haze and although I woke up well rested, I now have a swim to make up tomorrow!

As for today, after this full day of work is over, I will be heading home for some bike drills. Best Sustainable Effort Drills, to be exact. More specifically a 30min ZR/Z1 warm up, followed by 3 x ten minute 55-60rpm intervals with 4 min easy in between and a 15 min ZR cool down. Once I am done I get to do a nice quick change and head out on the icy death trap of a sidewalk in my city and begin my 15 min T run with the first mile at Z2, which gives me approx 7:50-8:10 to slip and fall!

But there is a light at the end of the this work/workout tunnel. Tonight is sushi night with the girls! That means avocado balls and fantastic conversation all around! So, now let me just finish up the last few hours here and get on with it!

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