Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uno mas!

Only one more day to go in this work week! And let me tell you, I would pay for it to just be over right now. I currently work as an event planner for a non-profit and just finished up one of the largest events of the year, which takes about 5 months of nonstop work to plan and execute. Now that it is over, I am having post-event stress. When you go from being busy all the time to not being even remotely close to busy, it is enough to make you want to run around the office screaming. Which I am considering, but I haven’t been pushed to that level yet. Again, thank god there is only one more day to deal with it!

This morning I let myself sleep in, which was nice! I had intended on going hill bounding, but I will have to save that public embarrassment for tonight. What is hill bounding you say? It is running/leaping up a hill like an idiot, only to quickly run down hill with tiny, tiny steps like a frantic idiot, then take off into wind sprints when you hit the bottom, like a total lunatic. Basically you look like a spastic freak going out for a run! And lucky me, one of the only hills I can do this on is located right next to classrooms at the college in my town. So I entertain college students once a week with my antics! But alas, I really wanted the extra hour of sleep this morning, so entertain I will!

After hill bounding it is chicken fajita salads and then a 1:15 tempo ride in my guest bedroom on the trainer. Nothing like sweating all over my area rug, but what can you do, it is freezing outside!

I think we will finish off the night by doing some fun Thursday night entertaining. I have to get rid of some old bedroom furniture, so my brother is planning on picking that up and then we will most likely be joined by a few friends for some adult beverages and tv. But no sleeping in tomorrow, I’ve got a full morning of resistance swimming ahead of me!

Only 3 more hours until I can go home…….

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