Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday, la la la la la la la

Back to the grind! Not that I took anytime to rest this weekend! This weekend was chock full of workouts and fun! I got up super early on Saturday and made some whole wheat pancakes, since I knew I would need some super fuel to get me through my morning workouts. Then I started on my 2:37 Z1 ride, followed by a 20 min transition run and let me tell you, I am not one to run in the cold or snow and this weekend just confirmed that notion!

When I got off the bike I was drenched in sweat so I did a quick change and put on some cold gear. When I got outside, I remembered that my hair was also soaking wet, but not for long, it just froze right to my head, almost like an ice helmet. Then I set off on my run and all I could think was “Damn my head is cold!” and “Please don’t fall, please don’t fall”. I was so preoccupied by these thoughts, I didn’t have the usual my legs don’t’ want to move thoughts that I get when I start doing bricks.

After the work out it was right to the city with a group of friends for some fun times at McSorley's. Seeing as we went out so early in the day, I as happily home and asleep by 10pm, only to get up and start again!

On Sunday, I got up and prepared the house for a big day of eating and fun! I then did some Tabata Intervals on the bike, and then headed off to the gym for my 1:09 Z1/Z2 run. No way was I going to attempt the frozen run again! The run was actually quite successful. I was able to run relatively fast and stay in the low end of Z1 most of the time and Z2 was almost hard to get into for the first few minutes. So all in all a good run.

Then it was time, for the real deal! We invited over 20 of our closest friends and started to eat. We had everything from veggies and dip (those were just on the table to make everyone feel better) to baconators. Yes, they are as good as they sound! I had one guest tell me that they were going to skip on adult beverages all together to make sure they didn’t get too full and miss out on any of the food! We ate, we played games, we ate some more and by 1am I had to kick everyone out. I mean a girl’s gotta get some rest before the 5:25am wake up call for spin class!

Today is a recovery day, so I will just float around in the pool for 35 minutes and teach again. I am looking forward to a fast week, so if someone could make that happen it would be great!

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