Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monster Set…

Yesterday was pretty uneventful and ended as most weekdays normally do with me passing out on the couch and waking up at 1am not knowing where I am, so we can just gloss over Tuesday, right to Wednesday. This morning was a 5:15am wake up, and all I wanted to do was hit the snooze button. As 5:30 rolled around with 3 snoozes already used, I went in for the fourth but was coerced out of bed by the whining and licking on my favorite dog alarm clock. I swear she will just sit right next to my bed and lick my face until I get up. And let me tell you doggy morning breath is worse than human, so out of bed I went.

After eating some Fig Newtons (my favorite pre workout snack) and turning on the coffee pot, I put on my swimsuit and took the dog out for a walk to the parking garage to get my car. On dark mornings she is my little body guard! Then it was off to the pool for the Monster Set. So here is how it went:

Warmup/Main Set:
o Pull 1000,
o 9 X 100
o 4 X 200 Paddles
o 5 X 100

I was allowed a 5-10 sec break between each set and that was it. Now the problem with my pool is that it is 20meters in length so in order to get close to the right sets I always have to go over by a bit. So when I am asked to record my times they always seem off. And it makes it really hard to compare yourself with anyone else, unless they are swimming in the same pool. Slightly frustrating but at least it is a place to swim for free.

Coach said it would take 59 minutes and I would be all good. I am not sure how they figure out times, but I am thinking they just ask the pros on my team how long it takes them. Because 59 min. for me, for that set, is not possible. So about 1:15 later, I crawled out of the pool and hit the showers. But not before the lifeguard on duty told me “You put in some work today! Come summer, your going to be happy you did all that!”, which made me feel a little better.

Then it was time for work. Tonight I have a 1:45 bike followed by a :25min T run. I wouldn’t mind it except it is freezing out! But I will just have to tough it out! Now it is back to work for a bit before I head out. Happy Hump Day!

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