Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap UP

The week ended with a nice snow storm which yielded about 16 inches of snow. Who knew right? We went to bed on Thursday night and had about 4 inches, only to get up at 6:30 on Friday to walk the dog and she was up to her belly in snow! So it was a work from home day.

After work I got in a nice hour swim which looked like this:

3 x 800
1 x 400

all at TT+10

Then I got on the bike for a 2 hour Z1. After that it was Karaoke time! It was a friends birthday and we headed to Japas38 for a few hours of singing. After that it was back to our neighborhood to hang out a bit, then home to bed.

Saturday was a rest day since I was racing today, so I did exactly that. I sat on the couch all day and played Dr. Mario and ate. Then a good friend came over and we made some homemade tomato soup with garlic and swiss cheese bread floating in it, followed by fresh pasta with green squash and artichoke cooked in pesto. To keep with the theme for the evening, we then watched Julie & Julia.

Today was race day. I had a 4 mile race in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I was supposed to take the first mile at 8:45 and then finish the last three at my best sustainable effort. So, I tried to do exactly that. I came in a the first mile at 8:25 (oooops!) and finished at 33:10. So in the end I ran 8:17 minute miles, which is my best race pace so far, with an average HR of 180. Not too shabby.

Now I am gong to head out to brunch and then watch the USA hockey game! Have a happy Sunday! GO USA!

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